How you can study in Germany

How you can study in Germany.


The study programs and method of studies are usually different from country to country and also from individuals. Everyone has its own way of studies that best safe him. Here i will give you some basic tips that will help you get started once you reach Germany.

After you have successfully gotten a place in one of the universities in Germany, the nest thing you will ask your self i how to go about studying you subjects and which method works best in Germany.

Most of the things in concerning daily life and studies  in Germany are done through Internet. This is simply because most of the students are from different part of countries and going to the university all the time is really stressful and time consuming especially when on holidays. In most case you will obtain the Login details during your enrollment to the university. ILLAS is an online web-base site that enable students to obtain their lectures through E-books. The library is also design in this format where a student can easily know which book is available and which book is not and when the book is going to be return so he/she access it to study. So getting familiar with these sites and your university website is the best way to get started in getting all the information you need as it will enable you to draw a perfect time table for yourself for the academic year.

Remember that all study programs in Germany has their own methods and curriculum. This means that the website stated above are the best way to start.

How many terms are there in A year in Germany.

Germany has a lot of foreigners coming every year for studies and one of the thing that attract foreigners in Their method of teaching and the academic year programs. Every  academic year  in Germany Contain TWO terms. This terms are called Semesters. We have The SUMER and THE WINTER SEMESTER. Each of this last for SIX months and contains two parts which are the lecture Period and the Non-lecture period. During the lecture period all classes are conducted at the University campus. The Non-lecture period also known as the lecture-free period is usually towards the end of the year when the student are preparing or writing their exams. During this period you can obtain an internship program in a company or take a vacation to enjoy your holidays\with friends or family members. You can also take advantage of the free circulation visa that you have to take a tour around some part of other countries in Europ

The Universities has different kind of lectures . The normal lectures are the main part of your program. That is your main subject that you have to do during your stay in Germany. The normal lecture is when the professors speak in front of the students and the students take down note on important sections of the class. The other part of the lecture is when the professor exchange information with student. This method is called SEMINARS which usually enable the students to express their what they learn in Class practically.This type of lectures can be combine to form modules. Each module can start with a normal lecture and then finished with exerciser or home work for the students. Points or credits are usually given to students during each modules which enable the universities to compare their method of teaching with other countries. The credits the students received grade their exams which the combination of all this give them their Degree at the end of the academic year. So during each module you should prepare your self to answer or ask question so as to earn points. The credit point will also show if you have pass or not.

Who can i contact if i have any problem at the university.

Most universities in Germany has a lot of people who are always read to help you out if you have or facing any problem or questions regarding your program at the university campus. The universities always provide counselors to assist students especially the foreign students coming from other countries. You will have counselors the are ready to explain to you about the life at the university. You can also go to the international office for questions regarding the life at the campus or general questions. As for questions regarding your exams or content at the question paper, you can see the professor directly or approach the administration.

Some students are also available to help you out at the campus. This students are called Council. The assist the administration. Most of this students are students who have been there for long and they know more about the lectures. So you can also many questions regarding your studies and how they are able to manage their living in Germany. Anyone can become a council. All you need to do is the inform the person in charge and fill up some paper work which usually only your name. This methods always allow foreign student to get to know the place easily.