How to Find Internships in Germany

How to Find Internships in Germany

How to Find Internships in Germany

There are numerous internship opportunities in Germany; some paid and some you just get the technical skills. There are numerous ways of finding internship positions in the best companies in the world . here are some few methods you can get one easily.

Visit your university Abroad

Most schools have notice boards and websites where they make public scholarship positions. It will do you a lot of good to visit their web site or the school notice board in case there is something for you.

Pass through an organization

There are numerous organizations (like us) who can help you get the best internship positions through coaching and communicating with the companies to which they are affiliated; make use of such. Some of those organizations are:

Go through their websites

For companies which give you the opportunity, you can apply directly through their website which gives you direct contact with the company and avoid bureaucratic complications.

Through a Network

The reason why you don’t break bridges once you have crossed them is because you will be needing them some day. Everyone of us has some network he has created over time with family, friends, professors and other acquaintances. Make use of them when looking for internship opportunities because that person you know could know someone who knows someone who will help you get your best internship placement.

Some links with internship opportunities

Here are some links with which will help you get the best internship opportunities in Germany.

  1. PUMA Product Management Accessories International Internship in Germany, 2017

  2. Goldman Sachs — Intern Abroad as a Summer Analyst

  3. KONE — All-Expenses Paid Internship Abroad

  4. Deloitte — International Business Internship Abroad

  5. German State Parliament — Internships in Government & Policy

  6. The World Bank — International Internships

  7. University of Michigan German Dept. Summer Internship Program In Germany, 2015

  8. Journalists International Internship Program In Berlin, 2016

  9. Google Site Reliability Engineering Internship In Germany & Switzerland, 2016

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