Working During Studies

Working During Studies

Working During Studies

Work while you study in Germany .
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Working during studies is a way of life for most international students in Germany to earn some extra money to take care of their monthly According to the latest surveys carried out by Deutsche Studentenwerke Shows that two third of the students that study in Germany are working. For students who do not come from Eu or EEA, are restricted from working. This are different for most of the Europeans who practically stand on equal terms with German Students and have free access to the Job market.

In most of the cases, Students are only allowed to work during their free time. That is there are not suppose to work during studies hours as they will lengthen their studies.

The job market now in Germany for student is becoming rare and rare as days pass by since the country receive more than 150 foreign students every year.

The employment laws pertaining to international studies are very stringent. if you violate them, you could be expelled from the country.

Numbers of Hours a student is allow to work in Germany.

Students form Eu or EEA have free access to the Job market. However, international students who are not from EU or EEA are require to work 120 Full or 240 half days in a  year. Any student that works with this number of days does not require to seek any permission from the Federal employment Agency. However, if an international student wants more days, he or she will have to obtain permission from the Federal Employment Agency. The approval to your request will be granted depending on the job market of your city of studies. Your chances of getting your request to work during studies is likely to be less in regions of higher rates of unemployment.

Student in Language Courses or preparatory Colleges.

If you are attending a language Course  or in  a preparatory course, the restriction is even more difficult as you must get an approval from the Employment Agency and the foreigner authority before you can work.

Mandatory Internships

If you complete an internship during semester break, it is consider as normal work even if it’s unpaid. Every day of your internship is subtracted from 120-days credit balance.However, an internship is not regarded as regular employment if it is required by your degree program(mandatory internship).

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