scholarship in Germany

scholarship in Germany

How to get a scholarship in Germany.

Scholarship in Germany was introduce because every semester, every day, you have to take care of dinning, new books, semester fee and so on student have to still spend lot of money before the end of every semester … Even though Germany is the lowest study destination in the world, They still feel that the cost is too high which have lead to numerous scholarship program provided by different institutions. The top scholarship provider is the Federal ministry of education and research.   The provide the major scholarship program for both national and international level. The represent the most important social groups and have more of political, religious and economic character. The major scholarship provider are 13 works 13 heads check out their website here  . Apart from these agencies, Germany have more than thousands scholarship providers that provide gift for student who have financial draw back of studying in Germany. This scholarship can be government scholarship or it can be non-government scholarship.

Below are a list of scholarship provided in Germany for all level of degree for international students to study in Germany .

Scholarship provided by the Government to study in Germany.

DAAD-Germany_iifls.comDAAD Scholarship   (The government Academy Exchange Service) offers lot of scholarship for international student to study in Germany at all degree levels. you can check out on their website to know more about scholarship in Germany and in DAAD scholarship database.




ERASMUS+ is one of the largest provider of scholarship in Germany and in EU. its is let by the European commission helping international student to study in Europe. So ERASMUS does not only limit to Germany, it provide scholarship for international student all over Europe. ERASMUS focus mostly in providing grants towards living costs when participating in an exchange study program in Europe.

Non-government Scholarship for international student to study in Germany.


This institution provide incredible opportunities for international student who wish to study Master and pHD in Germany. You can check out at their website for more details  and procedure to apply.

For more details on the scholarship kindly click on the above link and if you still have doubt kindly contact us for details and how to apply for the scholarship.

University-specific scholarship for study in Germany

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