Cost of living  in German

Cost of living in German

Knowing the cost to study and live in any country is one of the most important things every one or parent will ask their child before engaging in any further details about the university. Compare to other Europeans countries, living cost in Germany is quiet reasonable. The cost of living in Germany, cost for food, accommodation, clothing, cultural events etc are basically in line with the EU average. You will need around 800 Euros to keep in line with your monthly expenses. The larges is going to be your monthly rent.

Cost of living in Germany

cost of living in Germany












You should expect of taken care of the following yourself or by your parents.

The cost of living in Germany usually Include the following:

  • Living expensive(Food, rent, clothes, book, telephone bills)
  • Semester contribution .
  • Health Insurance
  • Possible tuition fee(if applicable).

For students to understand how to manage their cost of live in Germany they, will  required at least 800 Euros per month to take care of their basic expensive. It also depend on individual and how to spend. But generally, an average student you keep this amount in mind if he or she is planning to study in Germany. The cost can also vary depending on the city you are living in. As a rule, it is always advisable for student to live in smaller cities than large cities so they will be able to meet up till the end of their semester course .

flat-rentedIf you are going in for a flat, expect to pay little higher.The flat rental compresses of the largest expenditure most student encountered during their studies.  However, German rental vary greatly depending on the location of the universities. If your university is located in an area where you can easily get access of everything you need during your stay in Germany, You should expect to pay a little bit higher when you want to rent a house. Generally, you will pay around 230 to 260 euros per month on accommodation. The rent prices in some larger cities are much higher. if you wish to live in a cheap environment, then it will be better to find a room in a student residence hall around your chosen area.  one good thing is that student are eligible for lots of price concession. With just your student ID you can receives concessions when go to a museum, Theater, public swimming pool and other cultural venues.

Semester Contributions

All student studying in a University in Germany have to pay a small amount every semester. This amount is about 250 Euros depending on the university and the services there includes. One part of the contribution cover social services. This help finance , for example student dinning administrative services including  transportation ticket in some universities. The social contribution can cost up to 100 Euros. Some state universities will charge some extra administration fees which ranges between 50 to 75 Euros. Public transportation which is part of what you pay to the university range from 50 to 160 Euros. After obtaining your ticket you can enter into any public transport. The amount will depend on the city as well but the general range is the one mention above.

The following is an average expenditure a student will spend while studying in Germany.

students expensis in germany












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