Student Visa Application to study in Germany

Student Visa Application to study in Germany

  Visa Application For student who want to study in Germany

visa application procedure to study in germany
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USA_passport_with_immigration_stamps_from_Austria,_Germany,_Singapore_and_the_US_-india_bangalore_iiflvisa is a stamp market on the applicant’s passport by the immigration authorities of a country to in indicate that the applicant’s credentials have been verified and he or she has been granted permission to enter the country for a temporary stay within a specified period. This permission, however is provisional and subject to the approval of the temporary officer at the entry point. The common type of visa include:

1) Single entry visa which is valid only for one visit but it also depend on the condition of the country as some country can allow you to enter two time on the condition that you have stayed in their country for 6 months of 1year.

2) Multiple entry visa which allow you to enter the country more than once within its validity period.

Any international student who want to study in Germany may need an entry visa depending on where you are coming and how long you plan to stay here. For more information about visa requirements, please kindly contact Contact Mr Sanjeev for details but the basic requirements you should keep in mind are:

Submit your application early enough! Visa processing can take see several months and you won’t be able to enter the country without a valid visa.

applying for a visa
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 Knowing which visa to apply:

Tourist and language course visas cannot be converted into a student visa. With the wrong visa, you will be force to leave the country at some point and apply for the right visa at your home country. Schedule your trip to Germany so that you will have sufficient time to enroll and take care of the  university administrative obligations. To obtain the residence permit you will need to enroll if your purpose is for study.

Make sure your passport is valid for your entire stay. If your passport expires while you are in Germany, You will have to return to your home country and extend the validity of your passport or you can obtain a new passport by applying you country embassy in Germany


applying for correct visaStudent Visa requirement for your country

To enter in to Germany, you will most likely need a visa,which you can apply for before your trip at the German Diplomatic Mission in your home country. There are exception for specific countries, depending on the duration and the  purpose of your trip. For more details about the recent updates on the visa requirement visit the German Federal Foreign Office website.The German consulate will provide you will most recent updates on all visa requirement in your home country.

Knowing the correct visa

The are two types of visa that can permit you to enter in to Germany as a student.The types of visa depend whether you have received a notification of admission from a German university or a written approval for a preparatory course.

Make sure never to take a tourist visa if your intension is to study in Germany as a tourist visa can not be converted into a student visa.

The types of visas are:

Germany-Student-Visa1. Student applicant visa.

If you have not received a notification of admission from a university or foundation course you can apply for a student applicant visa which will permit you to enter into Germany. This three month visa allow you to find a meet the requirement for admission to a German university. If you see that the three months is too small you can extend your visa for a maximum of six months. If you get your admission within this six month, you may apply for a student visa. Anyone who is still waiting for a notification or to sit for an entrance exam will have to apply for an applicant visa as obtaining a visa from German embassy usually takes longer time so applying for this visa give you time so you don’t arrive after your course have started. You will need to submit this on arriver to the foreigner’s authorities in order to convert this into residence permit for study purpose

2. Student visa.

After receiving a notification for admission into a German university, you can now apply for a student visa.This student visa is usually valid for three months. Withins this three months you can now apply for a recindence permit at the Alien Registration office in your university town . Student who have received a notification from their university can apply for a student visa.

Requirement document for an international student.

You can obtain a complete list of documents required for student visa from the German embassy in your home country But normally you are always ask to present the following documents.

. A valid passportiiflspassport

. Certificate confirming Health insurance coverage

. Proof of financial resource

. Certificate of past academic work and achievements

. Certificate of German Language proficiency or proof that you intend on attending a language course in here to Learn German language with from expert

visa application
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. For a student applicant visa: University entrance qualification recognized in Germany

For student Visa: Notification of admission from the German university(or a statement from the university confirming that your prospects of gaining admission are good)

Proof of financial resources.

Your proof of financial resources verifies that you fund your self for a period of time while studying in Germany. At least the living expenses for your first year in Germany must be fully financed. Most of the time, just to be at the safer side your bank account statement should be around 8000 euros which is usually required for the first year or 659 euros per month. But evidence of higher amounts may also be requested. You can always check out at the embassy for more information.

. proof of parent’s income and assets

. The foreigner’s Registration Offices receives confirmation that someone whose place of residence is in Germany commits to assume the costs for you.

. A security sum on a blocked account.

. Scholarship from a recognized scholarship foundation.


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