Study in Germany in top 10 universities

Study in Germany in top 10 universities
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Study in Germany.

Are you planning to study in Germany in top 10 universities? If so, then you will need to follow the following procedure in order to study in Germany in top 10 universities.

Step 1:

Qualification Requirement

For any international student to study in Germany, the student must either be a graduate if he/she is planning to go in for a master degree or must have Secondary school leaving certificate( 12th standard certificate). With your degree or 12th standard certificate you are eligible to enroll for an undergraduate or for a master degree program in to any university in Germany. This be come even more interesting if you have above 65%.

Step 2:

Finding a program in a good university.

Taken up a course which is related to you field of study is very important as it will make your admission much easier. There are more than 17, 000 programs available in different universities across Germany.

If you have the interest to study in Germany in top 10 universities, here are the most popular cities to study in Germany. These cities are  Berlin, Munich,Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and many more. So getting into any university which is located in any of these cities will expose you to a lot of opportunities.


Step 3:

Applying to study in Germany in top 10 Universities

Obtain an admission letter from the university you have chosen is a very important step forward for you to start studying in Germany. This is the first documents the embassy will ask you when you are applying for a study visa. After your application is accepted you can then start processing your visa along side learning the German language or Taken up the English exams. Each university have their own rules and regulations

Step 4:

Course Language:

Most master and bachelor programs in Germany are taught in English but know German Language is an additional advantage to help you socialized yourself easily and to find your way around is you need to buy some things at the market. For German language you can learn from

Indian institute of foreign language which is number training center in foreign languages. Check thier website for foreign languages at check out here for details for details.

Step 5:

Check the cost of the course.

Most government universities are Tuition Free. Some universities will collect a little amount every semester which is always for the public transportation and other maintenance regarding the student..

Step 6

Duration of the program.

Most master program will be between 6 to 2 years or even more depending on you field of studies.

Step7 :

Where to apply.

As a foreigner, if you want to study in any university in Germany, you can either apply on line direcly from the university portal or with the help of a consultant …check out on the university website.

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